This year, GSMUN XXII has teamed up with the World Pediatric Project, an international charitable organization dedicated to the treatment of children in need of lifesaving care, creation of reliable healthcare networks in developing countries, and training of local health professionals to become more capable at diagnosing and treating complex illnesses. With your help, GSMUN hopes to be able to donate more than $10,000 to World Pediatric Project by the end of the conference and show support for children in need of medical attention around the world. For more information, please visit


We are excited to announce our charity speaker!

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Sarah Iracane

Sarah Iracane is the Chief Program Officer for World Pediatric Project. Sarah has been with WPP for 10 years and currently oversees general program strategy, new program development and assists with coordination of WPP training and capacity building programs. Sarah has an undergraduate degree in foreign affairs from the University of Virginia and a master of public health from the University of North Carolina.  


Mission: We heal critically ill children and build healthcare capacity in the world. 



International Teams program.

World Pediatric Project brings pediatric specialist care to places where access to advanced medical care for children otherwise doesn’t exist. WPP provides humanitarian outreach to its 12 partner countries in the Caribbean and Central America.  This program mobilizes dozens of pediatric diagnostic and surgery specialist teams each year covering most every pediatric sub-specialty need in these countries.  Annually, more than 2,000 children receive diagnostic or surgical care in this highly efficient program, reaching children in their home countries or regions.

Patient Referral Program

World Pediatric Project's Patient Referral Program links access to care for these children in our partner countries with often highly complex and/or urgent surgical intervention situations to advanced pediatric hospitals in the United States and internationally. Each year WPP International teams, together with the medical community in WPP partner countries, identify more than 100 children for care in this program, with critical specialty care needs in most every surgical specialty ranging from neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, eye surgery, cranio-facial surgery, plastics and reconstructive surgery, and orthopedic surgery for complex orthopedic conditions such as Blount’s disease and scoliosis.

Children of Tomorrow 

Training indigenous physicians, nurses and health care workers empowers sustainable pediatric healthcare capacity. WPP develops these programs to help achieve the goals set forth in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which includes ending preventable deaths of newborns and children under the age of 5. These training programs take aim at strengthening the skills and capacity of health care workers in our partner countries.