This year, delegates in the CORE committee system will have the exciting opportunity to work in an interconnected system of four General Assembly committees and one Head Delegate committee. The actions of one committee will affect the others in order to give delegates a more realistic idea of what debating in the UN is like. Throughout the weekend, delegates from the Head Delegate committee will rotate through the other four to work with their country delegations and influence debate in the individual committees. Delegates will also be able to send notes between the CORE committees to other members of their delegation or other countries. A Twitter page will be used to update delegates and chairs on the affairs of each committee. In the last committee session, the five committees will convene to vote on the Resolutions that were passed in the individual committees. So, all Resolutions must garner a majority in the individual committee, as well as in the CORE system as a whole, in order to pass.

The four CORE committees are the Disarmament and International Security Committee, (DISEC); the Economic and Financial Committee, (EcoFin); the Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee, (SOCHUM); and the UN Legal Committee. The four committees will be double-delegation, while the Head Delegate committee will be single delegation. Since the Dossiers will be the same in each of the committees, there should be 9 delegates representing each country in the CORE system as a whole.

As the Director of General Assemblies for GSMUN XXII, I cannot wait to reintroduce the system of CORE committees to our conference. Do not hesitate to contact me at, or the individual chairs, if you have questions. I look forward to a weekend of fruitful debate with each of you.


Sive Lowell

Director of General Assemblies