Cuban Missile Crisis

United States

Chair — Sammy Guinn


Sammy Guinn, a junior, is thrilled to serve as chair of this committee. This is his third year as a member of Maggie Walker’s Model UN Club, and he has attended several conferences, including VAMUN XXXVI, where he was awarded Best Delegate. Along with participating in Model UN, Sammy is also a member of the Model Congress club, the School Advisory Council, and President of the Maggie Walker Jewish Students Association. When he has free time, he likes to play frisbee or spend time with friends. Sammy also enjoys binge-watching Netflix, especially the Office, which he has viewed in its entirety, several times. He looks forward to meeting his delegates in committee and encourages everyone to have fun!


Chair — Alex Nikolov

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Indo-Pakistani War (1971)


Chair — Aashri Aggarwal


Chair — Nikhil Paul