We are very excited that you are interested in joining GSMUN XXII this year. Registration has been made even easier this year with the addition of online registration. Below, you will find all instructions needed to properly register your school or individual for the conference. 

Current Pricing (Late Registration: February 16- March 10)

Click here for the full pricing chart

Delegate Fee    $45

Independent Delegate Fee    $50

School Flat Fee Deposit       $50

Please make all checks to:

Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School


1000 N. Lombardy St. Richmond, Virginia 23220


To register as an individual, proceed to this page for more information.

To register, please fill out this form. Alternatively, paper forms can be found below.
Sponsor Name *
Sponsor Name
Phone Number *
Phone Number
School Address *
School Address
Committee Preferences
This year, GSMUN is offering both Joint Crisis and Tri Crisis Committees. Both are fast paced committees and are recommended only for delegates with previous Model UN experience.
GSMUNXXII will have CORE committees for a majority of the general assemblies. While the CORE committees will operate under normal parliamentary procedure, there will be a fast-paced Head Delegate committee that will interact with each of the CORE committees in a unique way. More information available on the website. This committee is recommended for experienced delegates only.
Let us know your top country preferences! List up to 5 countries you wish to see your delegates represent.

If you are registering through paper forms, please remember to fill out both forms.