The official GSMUN XXI charity partner


This year, GSMUN has partnered with Love146, an international charitable organization dedicated to ending child trafficking & exploitation, caring for survivors, and empowering a growing movement. The exploitation of children is one of the most severe human rights abuses imaginable. With your help, GSMUN hopes to donate more than $10,000 to Love146 by the end of the conference to support the movement to end child trafficking. To learn more about Love146, please visit



We are pleased to announce this year's charity speaker!


Rob Morris is the President and Co-founder of Love146, an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation.

Rob thinks it is awkward to write a bio in “third person”, pretending that someone else is writing it. So he asked those who matter most to him, know him best and would be the most honest, to tell you about him…his six children:

“Rob is short. He is passionate, funny, patient and makes the best lasagna. He’s a rock star, mentor and friend. Rob’s the most considerate person ever and makes people happy…not sure why, but he has that affect. He gives good advice, is afraid of clowns and can’t dance. He’s the best speaker I ever heard and his favorite word is “bizarre.” Rob likes the New York Yankees and loves chicken parm, He’s the best storyteller ever, and does things that matter and make a difference. “

And from his youngest…”Me and Dad go fishing.”



Survivor Care

round home.jpg

The Round Home

A home in the Philippines for girls.

white home.jpg

The White Home

Survivor care for boys in the Philippines.

Love146 operates two survivor care homes in the Philippines: the Round Home (for girls) and the White Home (for boys). The homes care for exploited children, providing them with therapy, food, tuition, and medications, aiming for holistic reintegration and prevention of future sexual exploitation.


Prevention Education

Not a #Number, a curriculum focused on teaching youth how to protect themselves from human trafficking, raises awareness of what constitutes human exploitation, challenges harmful attitudes, and identifies healthy support systems for youth.

Professional Training

Love146 trains professionals and caregivers to recognize signs of abuse and provide children with specialized care necessary for holistic restoration. Through professional education, Love146 trains adults to identify and respond to threats facing vulnerable children.

Grassroots Empowering Movement

Love146 equips supporters with tools to advocate for laws that protect victims of human trafficking. Through their mobilization efforts, Love146 Volunteer Teams are connecting individuals to become advocates of sustainable change.


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